In 2016, for its patented Modular Table Top System (MTS), KESSLER received the prestigious "Best of 2016" industry award from the Huber Verlag für neue Medien, in the "Production Technology & Mechanical Engineering" category.


MTS enables the design of any table shape. Depending on the requirements of the operator, the parts to be machined, or the sewing machine type, the table top system can be customized to individual sizes. During sewing of normal fabric parts, a rectangular base plate is used, e.g. with the dimensions 1,050 x 500 x 40 mm. The base plate can be lengthened or widened by simply pushing various additional tops into position at the right, front or rear. Other additional table tops transform the table into an L shape table top, - or include a special cutout section at the front for easy standing. This means that changes to the base plate are unlimited. The design is extremely simple to change – no special know-how is required. The desired extension piece is simply inserted into the patented guide of the base plate – and because of its innovative structure, the system is self-stabilizing.

All that is required for this is the MTS base plate.