We didn't invent sewing, but we've invented a lot that makes it far easier. Or other workstations in industry, commerce or offices. What KESSLER develops, designs and produces is always just right – and has been ever since 1897. As an innovator we've driven new concepts such as ergonomic two-column stands, pedestal constructions, or height- and tilt-adjustable worktops. Today we can justifiably say that KESSLER is the leader when it comes to expertise in sewing-workstation ergonomics!

from 1897


  • 1897: Wilhelm Kessler founds the company as a plumbing business.
  • 1945: From now on, Jakob Kessler runs the business with great success in the second generation. His three sons, Hans-Jörg Kessler, Paul Kessler and Robert Kessler, support him.
  • 1953: Hans-Jörg Kessler begins the production of sewing machine stands.
  • 1958: Hans-Jörg Kessler develops what is probably the world's first height-adjustable metal profile stand. Ergonomics becomes important in the sewing industry.

from 1960


  • 1960: Heavy, dynamic sewing machines require sturdy stands. KESSLER offers the solution: height-adjustable tubular steel profile stands.
  • 1970: KESSLER presents the first single-column stand under the brand name of Pedestal. In the same year, the company moves into the first section of its current headquarters.
  • 1978: This is followed by the second stage of construction - and KESSLER once again proves to be a pioneer in the sector. A welding robot is put into operation.
  • 1981: The company invests continuously in technology, increasing its vertical integration with a plant for powder coating.
  • 1985: KESSLER presents the first electrically and hydraulically adjustable stands from its own development. In addition, production goes state-of-the-art with CNC technology, in the shape of a powerful machining centre. In the same year, the company moves into the third section of its new headquarters in Nusplingen.
  • 1986: With Siegfried Kessler, the fourth generation of the family joins the company. Ergonomics is becoming more and more important, and KESSLER now becomes the innovative leader.
  • 1989: A CNC-controlled nibbling centre increases flexibility and reduces production costs.

from 1990


  • 1990: The fourth stage of construction is completed.
  • 1992: KESSLER develops the sewing machine stand KES 2000 - forward-looking with its electric height adjustment. The company obtains utility model protection and patent rights for the ergonomic sensor pedal.
  • 1993: The company division "Lüftungs- und Absaugtechnik", managed so far under the name of KESSLER, is spun off as the standalone company LKU KESSLER GmbH & Co.
  • 1994: With the KES-2100 series, KESSLER closes the gap between conventional and electrical height-adjustable stands. The sewing machine stands offer height adjustment by means of a hand crank.
  • 1995: The steadily growing success in America leads to the founding of the sales office KESSLER America, based near Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 1996: With KESSLER Polska in Przeworno near Wrocław, Poland, a further production and sales office is opened. Its goal is to further increase the competitiveness of the brand.
  • 1997: The company celebrates its 100th anniversary.
  • 1999: The large number of KESSLER patents is supplemented by the granting of European patent rights for the KESSLER Ergonomic Pedal.

from 2001


  • 2001: At KESSLER Polska, production of table tops begins using state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machines.
  • 2002: The company invests in new laser technology at its headquarters, to increase flexibility, productivity and profitability.
  • 2005: Major success in the table tops business leads to production expansion in Poland, and a new production hall there.
  • 2008: KESSLER continues investing in laser technology for fully automated tube processing.
  • 2009: A 3D construction program is introduced.
  • 2014: With Alexander Kessler, the fifth generation of the owner family now joins the company.
  • 2015: KESSLER demonstrates its innovative power with the modular table top system MTS, receives worldwide patents, and wins the industry prize "BEST of 2016".
  • 2017: Due to the continued success with table tops and wooden components, the plant in Poland is extended by an additional construction phase. In Nusplingen, KESSLER also confirms its commitment to the location through a fifth construction phase.