In its own woodworking department, on the basis of the highest quality demands, KESSLER produces industrial sewing table tops that reflect its decades of experience. To ensure a high degree of precision, production is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC wood processing devices. Cut-outs can be implemented for all conventional sewing machine types and classes.

Cut-outs can be implemented for all conventional sewing machine types and classes.

Modular Table Top System (MTS)

The Modular Tabletop System (MTS) is further proof of the company's innovative power. The system enables users to create virtually any shape of table top almost instantly. Depending on the personal requirements, the parts to be processed or the sewing machine, the size can be adapted individually.

An example. For sewing ordinary fabric sections, a rectangular base plate is used – e.g. with the dimensions 1,050 x 500 x 40 mm. The base plate can be extended or deepened by simply pushing various auxiliary table tops to the left, right, front or rear. Other auxiliary table tops make it possible to create an L-shape table top, for instance. The desired expansion piece is simply inserted into the patented guide of the base plate. The system is stabilized automatically by its innovative structure. For the Modular Desktop System (MTS), KESSLER received the "Best of 2016" industrial award.

In general, customized tables and table tops number among the company's specialities.

Standard table top configuration

  •  Core material: multiplex, glued
  •  Table thickness: 40 mm
  •  Top surface: extra-strong HPL-T structure, white
  •  Edges: ABS, grey (plastic lipping)

Special table tops

  • L shape, U shape, T shape
  • Fold-out and fold-away table tops 
  • Table tops for semi-submerged and fully submerged installation

ESD Table tops

KESSLER also offers conductive ESD table tops in any shape according to customer specifications.

Table top construction

As core materials, we process all conventional materials such as multiplex, chipboard and MDF light boards, as well as solid wood. Our machine park enables us to apply a wide range of surfaces, including HPL, plastics or veneer. A wide selection of materials and decors are available from stock. We also offer full flexibility where lipping is concerned: the spectrum ranges from plastic and ABS to solid wood or post-forming. Efficient processing – which here includes production of various cut-outs and drillings - is guaranteed by our state-of-thee-art machine park. Continuous optimization of production technologies is a matter of course for us.