KESSLER is the only manufacturer worldwide to produce stands, table tops and sewing pedals in premium quality all by itself. From basic models to high-end editions, and of course for all product groups, Kessler fits every time.
Because they certainly don't have an easy time of things: sewing machine stands, sewing pedals, table tops and workstation systems. Their task is to last a long time, to cause no problems in day-to-day operation - and to facilitate work by means of helpful details. In addition, ever-increasing demands are being placed on ergonomics.

So in a nutshell, they have to be star performers! And that is precisely why we at KESSLER consider each one of our products as a complete unit in itself. At our company, development, design and production all go hand in hand. Our vertical integration is unrivalled.


  • Founded in 1897 as a plumbing business by Wilhelm Kessler

  • Product range extended by Hans-Jörg Kessler to include sewing machine stands during the 1950s

  • Family-owned business, run by the third and fourth generation: Hans-Jörg Kessler and Siegfried Kessler

  • Strong, flexible team

  • Based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany with headquarters in Nusplingen, and further branches in Poland and the USA

  • High export share: around 50% of total turnover

  • Flexible machine park: all processes and all batch sizes in-house

  • Large warehouse: for short-term availability, including spare parts

  • Continuous improvements: to our products as well as to our processes




Sewing machine stands and workstation systems from KESSLER are based on a sophisticated modular system. This facilitates production, logistics, handling, spare parts supply, expandability... absolutely everything!